Ride with Cammeo whenever you want

Wherever you are going, we are heading your way. Available to you 24/7 with the best service and prices.

How to use the Cammeo application


1. Order

Order your favorite Cammeo, from now on with the new and improved Cammeo application.

App zatraži vožnju
2. Enjoy

Enjoy your ride in our new cars. Your personal uniformed driver awaits you.

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3. Pay

We’ve thought about everything! After a great ride, you can choose how you want to pay - cash, card or via the application.

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Call for a ride


Call us

More old-school? No worries, give us a call. Our call centres are waiting for you!

We’ll send you a text message

After ordering your ride, you will receive a text message with the details of your vehicle and when it will arrive. If you want, click on the link in the message to check the arrival of your vehicle in real time.

Pay how you want

You can pay for the ride the way that suits you best, using cash or card. Some prefer cash, others prefer cards. We accept everything!